Fiscal Responsibility:

As a business owner, I know what it means to manage a budget. I am committed to keeping our taxes low and working with the council on improving efficiencies and looking to cut spending when possible. With growth and infrastructure concerns we need our investments to make sense not just for today, but for our future.

Responsible Growth:

Holly Springs has changed a lot over the last 20 years. These changes have been beneficial to our town, but growth always presents new challenges. I will work with the Town Council and planning board in making our town attractive to entrepreneurs, families, businesses, and young professionals. Responsible growth will allow the town to diversify itself without sacrificing our quality of life.


As the town continues to grow it is important we plan for the future and ensure our infrastructure does not lag behind our growth. Having started a business in Holly Springs, I am sensitive to the needs of our small businesses and entrepreneurs like many of you, I call Holly Springs home and enjoy the quaintness of our town. The town’s infrastructure, including water, sewage, roads, and other public services will need to be updated to accommodate both residential and commercial growth.


In business you learn how to work with people to get the job done. You look for ways to build bridges and create mutually beneficial relationships. It is easy to get caught up in politics but I am committed to working for our town’s and its citizens. With the many challenges and opportunities that are ahead we need a mayor who can put partisan politics aside and guide our town into the future.